With cloud based platforms becoming more popular and helping organisations become more efficient and save time, it is no surprise that more and more Registered Social Landlords are switching to KMS Simplekey Web for their Residential Access Control system.

Cloud based platforms give the user the ultimate access and flexibility, enabling the user to access and manage the system from anywhere, as long as they have a web enabled device. The knock-on effect for residential housing is clear to see, no longer do administrators have to travel to a block to add or delete fobs, they don’t have to be at their desk to see the latest management information and they can help tenants quicker and without any significant costs.

The feedback from our customers has been extremely positive and we can see the results as more and more come on board, with Gateshead Housing being one of the latest ones.

The cloud is having a significant impact on us all as a way of accessing and managing data instantly, to find out more about how it can help you manage your communal access control get in touch.