In many areas of the country as the requirement for social housing has developed, new blocks have been built and developed on an individual basis with different specifications, resulting in administrative challenges for the managers. Combine this challenge with a significant increase in technical capability over the past ten years and often the result is different blocks in one area having different access solutions, especially on their communal doors.

Derby was typical in this area and with over 250 blocks in their area, managing multiple communal door entry systems involved a lot of time and ultimately cost. If they needed to add or delete fobs it meant someone visiting the block to make the change and in addition, their old systems didn’t produce fob usage reports.

Having worked with us using our old KMS Dial Up System, Derby Homes asked us for a solution that allowed remote management combined with good reporting, all of which KMS Simplekey Web can deliver.

As a result, over the past few years we have been moving all Derby Homes communal door access solutions to Simplekey Web, the results have been impressive and to read more about the work and the results click here.

If you want to find out more about how Simplekey Web can reduce the time it takes you to manage your communal door access solution contact us or call 01494 531099.

Derby Homes