KMS HS Mifare Fob

High security developed using KMS unique Mifare based protocol, providing a significantly
greater level of security:

• Compatibility with the KMS HS Reader taking advantage of the higher security.

• Differentiation available with 7 different colours, enabling identification between fob
issued to an address or user type.

• Robust design for the UK housing providers and comes with a life time guarantee.

Part Numbers

28001 – KMS HS Mifare – Black
28002 – KMS HS Mifare – Blue
28003 – KMS HS Mifare – Red
28004 – KMS HS Mifare – Orange
28005 – KMS HS Mifare – Green
28007 – KMS HS Mifare – Grey
28009 – KMS HS Mifare – White

Available pre-programmed for use with
SimpleKey Web, indicated by the postfix “/P”.