Long Range Radio Receiver/Prox Transmitters

The Long Range Radio Receiver and handheld Transmitters (Clickers) allows authorised users to open barriers and gates etc that control access into car parks without having to leave their cars. They are also particular useful for electric buggy users to open buggy stores or other communal doors. The transmitters ease of use can make a major difference to residents lives.

The handheld Transmitters are administered in exactly the same way as the KMS Shark Tooth Fobs via SimpleKey Web, so minimising the impact on the administration resource needed. The hand-held Transmitters can also be integrated to control access through other communal doors that have our conventional readers installed, eliminating the need to carry multiple fobs.

  • Technical Specification
    • 1 up to 4 channel high security RF transmitters
    • Rolling code technology
    • Range (in open space): 100 m
    • Integrated close proximity Shark Tooth fob with same code as RF
    • 26801/PA, 26801/PC variants supplied pre-programmed into SimpleKey Web
    • Dimensions (L × W × H): 74 × 36 × 9mm
    • Battery CR2032 Lithium